BABYMETAL Official Clothing

T-Shirts Edit

Front Back Description Additional Information
Babymetal x Kiba of Akiba
Mosh front
Mosh back
Mosh'sh Came with the Doki Doki☆Morning cd single
Legend Corset Festival front
Legend Corset Festival back
Legend Corset Festival
Babymetal death front
Babymetal death back
Babymetal Death
Legend i front
Legend i back
Red Mass back fft-0
Legend I
Legend d front
Legend d back
Red Mass back fft-0
Legend D
Fox god front
Fox god back
Fox God
Left Sleeve:
Tower Records IDZ left sleeve
Tower Records IDZ back
Tower Records IDZ Tower Records promo for the Ijime, Dame, Zettai single release
Idz front
Idz back
Colorful Fox front
Colorful Fox back
Colorful Fox
Legend z front
Legend z back
Red Mass back fft-0
Legend Z
Death match front
Death match back
Babymetal Death Match
Megitsune front
Megitsune back
Legend 1999 front
Legend 1999 back
Red Mass back fft-0
Legend 1999
Black babymetal front
Black babymetal back
Black Babymetal
Legend fox festival white front
Legend fox festival white back
Legend Fox Festival
Legend fox festival red front
Legend fox festival red back
Legend Fox Festival
Summer fes front
Summer fes back
2013 Summer Fes
Loud park 13 front
Loud park 13 back
Loud Park 13
Red moon front
Red moon back
Red Moon
Red moon baw front
Red moon baw back
Red Moon BAW exclusive
Maria front
Maria back
Fox sign front
Fox sign back
Fox Sign
Legend 1997 front
Legend 1997 back
Red Mass back fft-0
Legend 1997
Legend 1997 baw front
Legend 1997 baw back
Legend 1997 BAW exclusive
Legend 1997 Singapore front-0
Legend 1997 Singapore back
Legend 1997
Singapore front
Singapore back
Legend red night black night front
Legend red night black night back
Legend Red Night / Black Night
Summoned front
Summoned back
Legend huge corset festival front
Legend huge corset festival back
Red Mass back fft-0
Legend Huge Corset Festival
Brutal fox front
Brutal fox back
Red Mass back fft-0
Brutal Fox God
Coming of the doomsday front
Coming of the doomsday back
Coming of the Doomsday
The one baw front
The one baw back
The One BAW exclusive
Metal alien front
Metal alien back
Metal Alien back 3
Metal Alien back 2
Metal Alien
Apocrypha ym front
Apocrypha ym back
Apocrypha Y&M
Gimme chocolate front
Gimme chocolate back
Red Mass back fft-0
Gimme Chocolate!!
The big fox front
The Big Fox back 2
The big fox back
The Big Fox back 4
The Big Fox back 3
The Big Fox
Three foxes front
Three foxes back
Red Mass back fft-0
Three Foxes Back Print on tour version only
Brixton VIP Exclusive
Horned skull
Horned Skull
Sumetal seitansai front
Sumetal seitansai back
Su-Metal Seitansai
The one front
The one back
The One
Sengoku wod red front
Sengoku wod red back
Red Mass back fft-0
Sengoku WOD
New year fox festival front
New year fox festival back
New Year Fox Festival
Fox god 2015 front
Fox god 2015 back
Fox God 2015
Kitsune front
Kitsune back
The black mass front
The black mass back
Red Mass back fft-0
The Black Mass
Red Mass front
The Red Mass back 2
Red Mass back fft-0
The Red Mass
Babymetal album cover
Babymetal Album Cover
Sengoku wod white front
Sengoku wod white back
Sengoku WOD
The dark knights begin front
The dark knights begin back
The Dark Knights Begin
The dark knights front
The dark knights back
The Dark Knights back 2
The Dark Knights back 3
The Dark Knights
Ritual front
Ritual back
Red Mass back fft-0
Metal god front
Metal god back
Metal God
Only the fox god knows front
Only the fox god knows back
Only The Fox God Knows back 2
Only The Fox God Knows
Funko pops
Funko Pops
The red mass ii front
The red mass ii back
The Red Mass II
The black mass ii front
The black mass ii back
The Black Mass II
Reading leeds festivals 2015 front
Reading leeds festivals 2015 back
Reading & Leeds back 2
Reading & Leeds Festivals 2015
The land of the rising sun front
The land of the rising sun back
The Land Of The Rising Sun back 2
The Land of the Rising Sun
Madfox front
Madfox back
Merry baby christmas 2015
Merry Baby Christmas back
Merry Baby Christmas 2015 Back print on Japanese version only
Trinity front
Trinity back
Red Mass back fft-0
Trilogy front
Trilogy back
Revelation front
Revelation back
Revelation back 2
Revelation back 4
Revelation back 3
Metal resistance album cover
Metal Resistance Album Cover
Road to wembley jtb front
Road to wembley jtb back
Road to Wembley JTB Tours package exclusive
Road to wembley front
Road to wembley back
Road to Wembley Add-on to ticket purchase
Gimme wembley front
Gimme wembley back
Gimme Wembley back 2
Gimme Wembley
Wembley memorial front
Wembley memorial back
Wembley Memorial back 3
Red Mass back fft-0
Wembley Memorial
Noir front
Noir back
Meta taro front
Meta taro back
Death Warrior back 2
Death Warrior back 3
Death Warrior
Crush Logo
Crush Logo
Karate front
Karate back
White Mass front
White Mass back
White Mass
Tokyo Dome Memorial front
Tokyo Dome Memorial back
Tokyo Dome Memorial
TDM RxC front
TDM RxC back
Tokyo Dome Memorial RxC
TDM TxE front
TDM TxE back
Tokyo Dome Memorial TxE
TDM KxY front
TDM KxY back
Tokyo Dome Memorial KxY
TDM KxOxD front
TDM KxOxD back
Tokyo Dome Memorial KxOxD
TDM KxgxM front
TDM KxgxM back
TDM KxgxM back 2
Tokyo Dome Memorial TxgxM
Union Jack Crush Logo
Union Jack Crush Logo
Stars & Stripes Crush Logo
Stars And Stripes Crush Logo
Native Fox front
Native Fox back
Native Fox back 2
Native Fox
California Metal Fox front
California Metal Fox back
California Metal Fox back 2
California Metal Fox
Watchfox front
Watchfox back
Watchfox back 2
The One front
The One back
The One
California Metal Fox Turn Back front
California Metal Fox Turn Back back
California Metal Fox Turn Back
Master Of Metal front
Master Of Metal back
Master Of Metal
Metal Dawn front
Metal Dawn back
Metal Dawn
Metal Resistance front-0
Metal Resistance back-0
Metal Resistance
Fox City front
Fox City back
Fox City
Silk Top Hat front
Silk Top Hat back
Silk Top Hat
Fox And Rose front
Fox And Rose back
Fox And Rose
All Over Print front
All Over Print back
All Over Print
Hollywood Fox front
Hollywood Fox back-0
Hollywood Fox
Issues front
Issues back
Metal Fox front
Metal Fox back
Metal Fox
The Chosen Five Black front
The Chosen Five Black back
The Chosen Five - Black
The Chosen Five Red front
The Chosen Five Red back
The Chosen Five - Red
The Chosen Five Gold front
The Chosen Five Gold back
The Chosen Five - Gold
The Chosen Five Silver front
The Chosen Five Silver back
The Chosen Five - Silver
The Chosen Five White front
The Chosen Five White back
The Chosen Five - White
Summer Fox front
Summer Fox back
Summer Fox
Tri-Icon front
Tri-Icon back
Tri-Icon back 2
Metal Walkure front
Metal Walkure back
Metal Walkure
Metal Emperor front
Metal Emperor back
Metal Emperor
Brutal Big Fox front
Brutal Big Fox back
Brutal Big Fox
Crossbone Eye Skeleton
Crossbone Eye Skeleton
Baptism XX front
Baptism XX back
Baptism XX back 2
Baptism XX
Pentagram Logo
Pentagram Logo
Metal Sound front
Metal Sound back
Metal Sound
The Dark Side front
The Dark Side back
The Dark Side
Death Garden front
Death Garden back
Death Garden
Conviction front
Conviction back
King Of Darkness front
King Of Darkness back
King Of Darkness

Hoodies, Jackets, Etc. Edit

Front Back Description Type
Bone front
Bone back
Bone Hoodie
Flying fox front
Flying fox back
Flying Fox Hoodie
Bone type 2 front
Bone type 2 back
Bone Type 2 Hoodie
Monogram logo front
Monogram logo back
Monogram Logo Hoodie
Handwriting logo front
Handwriting logo back
Handwriting Logo Hoodie
World Tour 2014 front
World Tour 2014 back
World Tour 2014 Hoodie
Three Foxes Hoodie
Gimme chocolate front-0
Gimme chocolate back-0
Gimme Chocolate!! Hoodie, Sweater
Babymetal album cover front
Babymetal album cover back
Babymetal Album Cover Hoodie
Crash logo
Crash Logo Sweater
Brutal fox god front
Brutal fox god back
Brutal Logo Hoodie, Coach Jacket
Merry baby christmas 2015-0
Merry Baby Christmas 2015 Sweater
Metal resistance album cover front
Metal resistance album cover back
Metal Resistance Album Cover Hoodie
Mystery bundle front
Mystery bundle back
Metal Resistance Denim Jacket
Revelation front-0
Revelation back-0
Revelation Hoodie, Coach Jacket
Extreme Brutal Logo front
Extreme Brutal Logo back
Extreme Brutal Logo
Death Warrior front
Death Warrior back
Death Warrior Hoodie, Coach Jacket
California Metal Fox Turn Back Hoodie
Issues front-0
Issues back-0
Issues Hoodie
Metal Walkure front-0
Metal Walkure back-0
Metal Walkure Hoodie
Crossbone Eye Skeleton-0
Crossbone Eye Skeleton Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Women's Wide-Neck Sweatshirt
Reaper Sweatshirt, Women's Wide-Neck Sweatshirt
Splatter Sweatshirt, Women's Wide-Neck Sweatshirt
2017 Holiday Sweater front
2017 Holiday Sweater Sweater

Headwear Edit

Image Description Additional Information
Black babymetal
Black Babymetal Under Bill:
Black babymetal bill
Brutal logo mesh
Brutal Logo Mesh Back
Brutal logo gray
Brutal Logo Gray Bill
Brutal logo black gray
Brutal Logo Black Top & Gray Under Bill
Brutal logo
Brutal Logo
Crash logo cap
Crash Logo

Miscellaneous Edit

Front Back Description
Death fox front
Death fox back
Death Fox Gloves